The Breather is a webseries designed for Crypt Tv,  american horror network that distribute short-film and webseries, founded by Eli Roth.

I can't Escape myself
Pressure cooker\Vodka
Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli - Gaetano
Sandrine Ferraro - Frajen
Cinzia Susino - Celina
Stefania Domino Autuori - Carolina

Four parallel stories connected between them. The characters live an oppressive loneliness that will lead them to make extremes acts.
The main theme of each episode is the obsessive relationship with the current trends of the characters that will live the collateral effects.


She tries to be popular through selfies, success is only a matter of likes. She will find out that blood is the only terrifying solution to her desire of becoming an Instagram celebrity

Exuberant, melancholic, and lover of mundanity. When she comes face to face with the danger, she will cause, accidentally, a viral event on Facebook

Lonely and contemplative, after a tragic accident decides to leave everything and living in the nature, his equilibrium will be broken after he use Uber, for the first time.

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